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Increase the number of your followers

Increase the number of likes in your posts

Improve your brand image

Improve your customer loyalty

Increase your occupancy rate

Improve your turnover

Improve your ROI & ROAS

Gain a remarkable competitive edge over your competitors

Based on 100 % scientifically proven methods used by top university professors around the world

Browse the 42 international universities to whose conducted scientific research our data-analysis program is built upon.

Reduce the time used for marketing campaign planning

Streamline the process of planning campaigns and social media content with our first-of-a-kind solution. Simply, browse the Report and check the most effective pictures for your exact target audience in your exact location, read the clear descriptions of the recommended appeals and picture types and lastly, check ideas and inspiration on how to use those appeals in your pictures from our ever-growing Picture bank, including up to 6 000 inspirational hospitality pictures of each appeal.

No more time spent on arguing who prefers which picture and why. No more making decisions based on gut-feelings. No more second-guessing made decisions.

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Increase your ROAS
by multiple X

Our analyses and findings suggest that hotels and restaurants can improve their ROAS by up to 5 000 % by focusing more on what type of pictures they use. Reach out to our sales team and they are happy to share with you the potential improvement of ROAS in your exact location and field of profession, with our service.

Note: We as a service provider cannot guarantee an improvement of an exact percentage for our customers, as the improvement depends on the quality of the execution of the provided strategy. All our numbers rely on our data-analysis on hotels and restaurants in numerous geographic locations, which might not be identical in your location or on your field.

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More followers, more likes, more visibility

Grow the number of followers on all social media platforms, while simultaneously increasing the average like percentage of your posts, and while gaining more and more organic visibility across social media platforms for your target audience.

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Improve your brand image and customer loyalty

As your target audience and existing customers find your marketing material more appealing, they also find your brand more appealing tahn before, increasing the chance of rebooking vastly, and increasing their loyalty to your business.

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Increase your occupancy rate and turnover

As the improved social media and marketing content have improved your ROAS and increased the visibility and spread of your organic and paid pictorial marketing, followed by the improved occupancy rate and customer loyalty, be ready to enjoy the improved turnover and profit margins.

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